In Honor of Mark Strand, Poet Laureate and Pulitzer Prize Winner

Image from Bryn Mawr College Website. Photo credited to Timothy Greenfield Sanders. Click image to read an article by Greenfield Sanders on photography Mark Strand.

On Saturday, November 29th, Mark Strand, former US Poet Laureate and Pulitzer Prize winner passed away at his daughter’s home in Brooklyn, New York at the age of 80.  Strand was born in Canada and was also an essayist and translator.

Strand was the Institute for Creative Writing and Literary Translation’s first Poet in Residence, and was in residency during the 2010 Summer Institute along with novelist Simon Mawer.

Watch the Juan Delcan’s Motion Poem Video of Mark Strand Reading The Poem of a Spanish Poet

In 2009, he was the Recipient of the Gold Medal in Poetry from the American Academy of Arts and Letters, as well as the recipient of numerous other awards, including the Fulbright Fellowship and the  MacArthur Fellowship

Read this Huffington Post Remembrance Article on Mark Strand by Author and Blogger Peter Clothier 

Strand had an extensive academic career, and taught at universities such as University of Iowa, University of Brazil, Princeton University Brandeis University, University of Utah and John Hopkins University. Until his death, he served as a professor of English and Comparative Literature at Columbia University.

In 2012, Strand published Almost Invisible, a new body of prose poems.

Image from Blog: Ashes from Burnt Roses. Click on Image to Visit.


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