“Coco Cabana” by A. Fabien

It seems like just yesterday when we were preparing for that evening. Five teenage girls with heads full of hair. Two hours would never be enough time for all of us to get ready. Each had her own shower remedy and ritual, but that night was a special night meaning longer showers and more grooming time. We had to wash away the sweat and fizz from the adventures of the day. Coconuts from a nice Dominican man named Suli, miniature golf, pool tables, Red Sox boys, and Luis. It was a special night meaning the secret stash of everyone’s most phenomenal Bath and Body Works scent had to be revealed. The girls had the same thing in mind. Not Midnight Pomegranate, Mango Mandarin, Sensual Amber, nor Black Amethyst had anything to do with this night. This night called for the most passionate of flavors. We were looking for the sweet, mouth watering, and unforgettable scent of Coco Cabana. The clear plastic bottle seemed just as ordinary as the other bottles in the Bath and Body Works stores, but it was rare.

Coco Cabana instantly sets you apart from the rest and should only be worn for the most memorable moments. A perfect scent for that night, that island. It takes us back to paradise with just one whiff. Beautiful palm trees, tropical birds, endless coconuts filled with sweet water and soft jelly, bright and early sun-basked mornings, and Coco Cabana. Pure bliss. We barely ate anything at dinner and rushed to what we felt was the best part of the night at Coral Hamaca. At 8pm awaited our fate. Raul, Julio, and Orlando were just some of the incredible Chocolate Friends. We wanted to be the chosen girls to dance with them. We sat at the last seat of every row, waiting and anticipating our night. From the lobby to the showroom everyone inhaled the heavenly Coco Cabana scent. We were not chosen out of the audience to dance with our Chocolate Friends, but Coco Cabana made that night a day in our lives that we will forever smell. That scent will always leave us with the memories of hot dresses, fancy hairstyles, and beautiful girls.

—written by Anisha Fabien in CW 350 Fiction Workshop, Fall 2010


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