Archive 2010

New Student Writing

Ekphrasis De Foro by Nancy Hoffman

from Souvenirs from The Poppy Fields by Nancy Hoffman

He Called Her Peach by Kira Boswell

My Mug by Andrew Nelson

Hands by Melissa Jenkins

The Tale of Her Small Town by Melissa Jenkins

On an Island by Taylor Sanit

Coco Cabana by Anisha Fabien

Pura Vida by Colin Boyd

Saturday Morning, 3 A.M. by Colin Boyd

Dacia Maraini reads at JCU

Dacia Maraini at JCU

Winning Student Stories Published

Ingrid de Kok

Women Reading:  A Series of Bi-Lingual Presentations of Poetry and Prose

Field #10 by Benjamin Wessel

My Life in Color(s) by Nicholas Paola

Daddy’s Mom by Christopher Beyers

Twin by Benjamin Wessel

The Short Cut by Christopher Beyers

Daphne by Andrew Nelson


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