Contest: “Tomorrow’s World” Creative Writing Winners Published

On Monday, June, 14, 2010, the Lycée Chateaubriand of Rome announced the winners of the school’s annual creative writing contest. Fifty-five junior-high aged students participated in the ecologically-themed science fiction contest organized by the Lycée Chateaubriand and the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). The winning stories have now been published and are available online on the John Cabot University webpage.  See below for PDF link to the stories.

The stories were juried by an impartial group including Dr. Carlos Dews, Chair of the John Cabot University Department of English Language and Literature, Professor Elizabeth Geoghegan, adjunct professor of Creative Writing, and Mr. Mohamed Manssouri of the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD). Dews and Geoghegan reviewed the works for their literary and creative merit and agreed unanimously with Mr. Manssouri who examined the stories for their scientific merit.

Student Henry Farmer won first prize for his story “Battling on the Bay.” Second prize was awarded to Alessandro Riches for his tale “Project EP2” and third prize went to Cyril Glerum for “Answers.” The award of Honorable Mention was received by Martina Policastro for her story “The Final Countdown.”

An informal awards ceremony took place in the garden of the Lycee. Professor Stéphane Ravera, head of the school’s English department, welcomed JCU’s Francesca Gleason, Coordinator of the Academic Success program, Professor Elizabeth Geoghegan, and the FAO’s Ms. Katia Meloni a consultant for the World Food Day project along with students, parents, and Lycée faculty. Ravera opened the event by explaining how the project came into being and the significant way the contest helped build bridges between international, academic, and environmental organizations here in Rome.

Stéphane Ravera Announces the Winning Stories

To download the PDF file of the winning stories, click here:   Tomorrow’s World 2010


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