30 May |Women Writers & The Art of the Short Story: A Tribute to Lucia Berlin


Lucia Berlin (Image found via GIS)


Join us on Monday, May 30th (Memorial Day), in celebrating the life and work of author Lucia Berlin (1936-2004). This event will feature JCU professor Elizabeth Geoghegan, Italian screen and fiction writers Chiara Barzini and Francesca Marciano.

Event will be held from 6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. in Room G.G.1 in JCU’s Guarini Gampus.

Click here to RSVP and for more information on this event .

Lucia Berlin stories are inspired by her early childhood in various Western mining towns; her glamorous teenage years in Santiago, Chile; three failed marriages; a lifelong problem with alcoholism; her years spent in Berkeley, New Mexico, and Mexico City; and the various jobs she later held to support her writing and her four sons. Sober and writing steadily by the 1990s, she took a visiting writer’s post at the University of Colorado Boulder in 1994 and was soon promoted to associate professor. In 2001, in failing health, she moved to Southern California to be near her sons. She died in 2004 in Marina del Rey. (From the John Cabot University Website)


25 May| Reminder! Faculty Reading and Welcome Party at JCU!


Professor Elizabeth Geoghegan

Join us tomorrow for the Institute of Creative Writing and Literary Translation‘s faculty reading and welcome party. Hear the latest works from our professors: Elizabeth Geoghegan (pictured above), George Minot, Michael Carroll, Elena Buia Rutt, Mike Traenor and David Keplinger.

The event will be held on the Secchia Terrace in JCU’s Guarini Campus from 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM.  We look forward to seeing you there.

RSVP: Contact information.

For information about our future events, visit our Events Calendar page on the Institute’s website.

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生活总是起起落落,但是总有很多小事阻止我们前进。然而,不是所有东西都是重要且友好的。鱼只有七秒的记忆,他们的生 活是无忧无虑的:没有忧虑也没有欢笑,这其实是残忍的。拥有一个梦想是欢喜快乐的,然而,在追求梦想的时候或许苦涩。我们只有在实现梦想的时候才有办法尝 到有梦想的可贵。很多人为自己无法实现梦想找借口;但战胜阻碍的人会带着温暖和伤痕。 在你现在的位置,你可以看到你的未来吗?你想要一个怎样的未来?你有梦想吗? 有梦想总是好的,但任何东西都有它白与黑的两面。小孩总是期待快快变成大人。他们渴望不再受父母的约束。然而,带着梦想去追求;梦想实现的那一天, 他们发现现实并非如此。 生活如以一杯咖啡,当我们看别人在品尝的时候我们非要不可。直到我们品尝了,明白它和我们想像的相差太大。我们若细细品尝它,我们会开始享受咖啡之后所带来的甜头。 以往我并不清楚自己未来的道路该如何走并且藐视了有梦想的重要性。等到约翰卡伯特大学的课程非要我想我以后的职业时,我开始有了梦想。在约翰卡伯特大学我观察了专业人士的工作,我想和他们一样专业。 我的梦想:做一个公司的总裁,赚很多钱来报答帮助过我的人。 你可以有很大的梦想,因为梦想不需要钱。当你梦想的时候,设立一些小目标帮助自己实现梦想。梦想可以是很大,但是还要实际。不管你现在在哪里,开始思考你的未来并梦想一个大的理想。 Read this post in English Lisa ChengClass of 2017Business Administration MajorHometown: Wenzhou, China

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