How to win the Writers of the Future contest

Today is deadline for the Writers of the Future Contest! Hopefully, if planned on entering, then you’re ready to hit “Send” button before the end of the day. If you have never heard about this contest, then I would recommend visiting the website to learn more:

There is no entry fee, and the contest is held every three months. So, even if you are not ready today, you don’t have long to wait to enter again.
Genres: Science Fiction, Fantasy, Dark Fantasy
Short stories and novelettes! Good luck!

Brad R. Torgersen

To quote one of my favorite old movies from the 80’s:

CHARLES DE MAR: I’ve been going to this high school for seven and a half years. I’m no dummy.

I originally put this up on the Writers of the Future phpBB forum, but I wanted to repost it here for everyone who doesn’t visit that forum, but is still curious about what it takes to get called up to the WotF ‘majors’ and, ultimately, get a base hit — or a home run!

These are just my opinions, of course. But seeing as how I never got a rejection — four Honorable Mention and two Finalists, one of which won — I do think I have my finger somewhat on the pulse of the contest.

NOTE: Please read recent volumes of the contest anthology. I’d recommend vol. XX through XXV, if you can get them on-line or at your…

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