Interested in Studying English Literature? Read 3 Reasons to Do So in Rome

Image from John Cabot University Admissions Blog. Click to visit.

From the article “3 Reasons to Study English Literature in Rome” by JCU Admissions;

English literature is a challenging area of study that encourages students to develop advanced critical thinking, communication, analysis, and research skills. English lit students go on to apply these skills in a wide range of career paths including journalism, law, teaching, politics, publishing, arts and media, and business.

It’s no surprise that the professional applications of an English Literature degree are so diverse and wide-reaching. Students explore the historical and cultural contexts of each text they study, analyzing themes and connections, and debating those ideas with peers and professors. And at John Cabot University, English lit students examine works from the Anglo-Saxon period (about 410 – 1066), all the way up to the 21st century! (Read More…)


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