Writing Tip: Take Advantage of Prompts

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Writing Tip: Take Advantage of Prompts

Whether it’s from a writing course, a dedicated prompt blog or a new blog trying to establish itself, writers who are looking for inspiration should search for prompts that capture their attention and get their brain working like mad. If a prompt doesn’t fill you with writing ideas, then there are plenty of others out there that will.

Different types of prompts work better for different writers. If words work better for you, focus on single word prompts. Prompts like ‘right’, ‘love’ and ‘travel’ can be interpreted in so many ways that it is always interesting to discover what people have created from such a simple cue. If sentences get your mind going, then there are blogs out there to suit you, too. If whole paragraphs are your thing, then don’t worry – you’re covered as well. If pictures inspire you the most…

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