Don’t Pre-Reject, Don’t Procrastinate

The Incompetent Writer


These are two recent pieces I’ve really liked about the strange head-games artistic types play on themselves. I hope you like them, too.

The first is from Chuck Wendig, about “pre-rejection.” Warning, readers. Chuck swears a great deal.

See if you’ve ever done this:

You wrote something. Maybe you edited it. Maybe you didn’t. Maybe you didn’t even finish it. Then, you concoct a series of reasons inside your head why nobody will give a hot wet fuck about it. Nobody will wanna read it. Nobody will wanna buy it. You’ve got your reasons — maybe one reason, maybe a whole catalog full of them. And frankly? They all sound good. This isn’t the one, you tell yourself. It’s not yet right. And soon it becomes smart because, hey, you don’t want that thing you wrote out there. This is a sound business decision. This is a practical creative decision…

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