Flash Fiction Friday 153: 6-word stories

MorgEn Bailey - Editor, Comp Columnist/Judge, Tutor & Writing Guru

number 6Welcome to Flash Fiction Friday and the one hundred and fifty-third piece in this series. This week’s is the sixteenth bunch of 6-word stories by a variety of authors, together with their 6-word biographies!

6-word stories

by Chong Teck SIM – aspiring Singaporean writer

  • Looking back, his past suffocates him.
  • Nyonya food. Pantuns. Music. Peranakan childhood.
  • Beautiful lanterns. Delicious mooncakes. Mid-Autumn Festival.
  • Overcoming hardship, he became a doctor.
  • Long-haired beauty. Tender smile. My ex-girlfriend.
  • Tired arms, bodies. Diligent house movers.
  • Laughing children. Cakes. Games. Birthday party.
  • I once loved him. No more.
  • Joyous tears. Music. Dancing. Wedding party.
  • Panic attack. Jumbled up answers.
  • A scream. Midnight. Silent moving shadows.

by Sal Buttaci finds humor in life

  • Love thrives where fear won’t dwell.
  • Bodies break down just like machines.
  • Tall trees conceal their year rings.
  • My New Year’s resolution? Make none!
  • We have shadows. We’re never alone.
  • Cryos or Joyos, bios…

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