Grad School Myth #1: You need a related bachelor’s degree

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In this series of articles, Ainsley Di Duca, M.A., who is a counselor, writer and editor, breaks the myths about applying to grad school. Are you getting your bachelors degree in anthropology, but really want to go on to study creative writing? Well, this is definitely the post for you. The first post of the series examines whether or not you need to have a related bachelors degree to pursue the masters of your dreams. Also, check out her section on graduate schools that don’t require the GRE (No GRE Required)!

What You Make of It.

This myth held me back for months from believing that I could easily go from being a journalist to becoming a counselor.

Considering that I lacked a bachelor’s degree in psychology, I never thought I’d be qualified to apply to a Master’s in Counseling Psychology program.

I had a B.A. in Communications and only writing and editing experience. I had never worked with people one on one or stepped foot in a psychology statistics course. The only psych knowledge I had was from two freshman-year courses that I had taken 7 years ago. I wasn’t exactly on my way to impressing a master’s application board.

I was sure I’d have to re-do my bachelor’s, this time in psychology. Yet as much as I wanted to work with people, I simply didn’t have the time, money, or desire to get another undergrad degree. I was 25. I didn’t want to start…

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