10 Oct 2014 | Casa Internazionale delle Donne: A Conversation with John Berger

Date: 10 Oct. 2014 | Time: 6:30PM |

Location: Via della Lungara, 19, Rome (Casa Internazionale delle Donne)

On Friday, October 10, 2014, in celebration of the recent release of the Italian edition of his Understanding a Photograph (Capire una fotografia), the Casa Internazionale delle Donne will be hosting a conversation with English writer and artist John Berger. Berger will be interviewed by Maria Nadotti, an Italian journalist and essayist.

John Berger is an award-winning storyteller, essayist, critic, dramatist, screenwriter, artist and novelist with an impressive body of work that speaks to his prolificacy.  In 1972 Berger won the Booker Prize for Ways of Seeing, an essay on art criticism.

Berger is considered “is one of the most internationally influential writers of the last fifty years, who has explored the relationships between the individual and society, culture and politics and experience and expression in a series of novels, bookworks, essays, plays, films, photographic collaborations and performances, unmatched in their diversity, ambition and reach. His television series and bookWays of Seeing revolutionised the way that Fine Art is read and understood, while his engagement with European peasantry and migration in the fiction trilogy Into Their Labours and A Seventh Man stand as models of empathy and insight.” (from John Berger’s Official Website)



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