Article | Jennifer Ellis: “The Pros of MFA Programs”

This brief post follows up on the previous one on Fran Mulhern‘s query into the relevance of graduate programs in creative writing.  On her site, author Jennifer Ellis shares 10 reasons (4 major, 6 minor) to attend a graduate program in creative writing.  Again, going on to graduate studies a personal decision that each person must make based upon his or her future goals and present priorities.  Click on the link below to read Ellis’ article.

The Pros of MFA Programs

Don’t have time to read the article?  Well, here is an abbreviated list of the arguments she presents:

  1. You will learn something about craft in an MFA program.
  2. MFA programs allow you to make connections…
  3. MFA programs allow you to focus on your writing.
  4. Many famous and up and coming writers have MFAs.
  5. Some agents have links to MFA programs…
  6. MFA programs can allow you to find yourself in other ways.
  7. MFAs teach you what and how to read…
  8. An MFA could allow you to get a tenure track position teaching…
  9. Your ability to give considered feedback…will improve.
  10. The MFA style has become our culture of writing anyway…

  Agree or Disagree?

Where do you stand on this issue for your writing career?


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