Tip of the Day | Tip of My Tongue : Find Missing Words

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It has happened to most of us…

At some point in our lives, we find ourselves in a fit of emotions, wracking our brains, staring blankly at the ceiling or even random people.  We are searching for what we know we once had.

We are searching for a missing word!

Admit it. There has been a time when you said something like,

“It’s on the tip of my tongue!  I swear!”

Still, the word remains elusive.  It feels like that moment when you confront the last remaining question on an exam that, answering correctly, would mean the difference between an A and an A minus.

Okay, perhaps that last bit is just your humble blogger’s personal thing.

Either way, trying to find that word that has managed to escape your recall is a thoroughly frustrating experience

Well, there is no more need to worry yourselves to pieces about that.  Rutger University student Chirag Mehta has the answer to your plight: Tip of My Tongue.

Although, still in project status, Tip of My Tongue offers its users the opportunity to engage in virtual recall of words that are, in essence, sitting just on the tip of the tongue.

How does it work? Users can do a partial word search (starts with/contains/ends with), can search by letters (unscramble/must have/can’t have), look at word meaning (searches the dictionary), and engage in a refine search (min. length/max. length/ sounds like).

Having tried Tip of My Tongue, even given its imperfect state, I found it to be useful.  So, why not give it a try the next time you are writing and stumble upon a word that you simply cannot recall? It just might help!

Chirag Mehta, the program’s developer seems very open to suggestions and asks of users to make requests about the project’s further development.  His other projects include KType (for people with disabilities), ZetaBee CashFlow (personal accounting), Name that Color, Tagline (Tag Cloud Generator), Weave: CSS 2D Design, plus many more.

Tip of My Tongue (Word Finder Project) by Chirag Mehta


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