[Literary Translation] Love Poetry? Then You Should Know lyrikline

Originally founded by literaturWERKstatt Berlin as a means for German poets to share their works, lyrikline has created a multilingual online space for literary translators of poetry to share their translations, both through verbally and auditorily.  Since 1999, lyrikline has aimed to add new translations daily and a new poet weekly.

The site is divided generally by poets (alphabetically, linguistically, and nationality) and poems (linguistically, translation, style, theme, and form). Currently, there are almost 1000 poets to whom visitors can listen. The poems shared are in over 60 languages, and there are a total of 12,487 translations available.

Other highlights of lyrikline include a current events listing, a random poem generator, and listening recommendations. Visitors are also welcomed to join the site and the process of joining is fairly simple.

Currently, the site is navigable in German, English, French, Slovak, Arabic, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, and Chinese. Lyrikline also hosts a wordpress blog: Lyrkline Blog.

So, if you are interested in literary translation and poetry, then do click on either of their links above and visit lyrikline!



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