Article | ‘Hybrid Authors’ & The Rise of Self-publishing

The Rise of ‘Hybrid Authors’ Who Have Self-published and Had Publishers

It’s a term used more recently by authors and about authors.  It is a term that, apparently, has caused some distress to those within the publishing industry: hybrid author.

As a student writer, I will admit that I had never come across this term until fairly recently.  Thus, I imagine that some of you may also be in the dark about the exact meaning and impact of this term.

The linked article above by Jeremy Greenfield of PBS provides a detailed explanation for the following:

  • what a ‘hybrid author’ is,
  • the decline of the traditional publishing model,
  • and the impact of self-publishing on the publishing industry.

Below is an excerpt from the article, wherein Greenfield begins to offer his insight into defining the term ‘hybrid author’.  Still,  you should click on that link above and read the full article!

From within this maelstrom, a new kind of author has emerged, one who is much savvier about her prospects in the publishing industry; one who works hard to understand the economics of publishing and make smart decisions; one who knows how to take the job of being an author seriously and market her books like the lovechild of Malcolm Gladwell and Don Draper. 

We call them hybrid authors.

(From article by Jeremy Greenfield on


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