Article | “10 Tricks To Motivate Yourself To Write–Right NOW”

Article | “10 Tricks To Motivate Yourself To Write–Right NOW”

It is the start of another week, and what better way to begin it than to motivate ourselves to actually write…instead of thinking about how we should be writing. The article linked above is by fiction writer Olin Morales, who, at the age of 22, began documenting his four-year journey to completing his first novel on his blog Courage 2 Create.  Since February 2, 2010, the blog has focused on the challenges, insights and successes that Morales has experienced in his journey to become an author.  What started out as a blog to motivate Morales to continue writing has turned into a resource for over 5,000 aspiring writers.   Below is an excerpt from the post:


“A writer’s love of writing does motivate us in the long-term, yes. But the dirty little secret is that sometimes writers need a little kick in the butt to get us motivated in the short-term, during the day-to-day battles of the long-long-long drawn out war.

I’m not saying we can live without passion and love for our art. Yes, love is a good solid base for our writing careers, but it is our capacity to utilize tools for self-motivation that keeps us building on that strong base.

We writers have to be REALLY good at motivating ourselves because sometimes we’re the only ones around to motivate… ourselves.”


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