24 July 2014 | Sixfold’s Short Story & Poetry Contest: Budget & Enter!

Sixfold Journal is currently seeking submissions for its summer contest, ending on July 24th.  Entries can be in the form of a short story or poem, and must be uploaded in PDF to the site.  There are three cash prizes offered to the winners in the amounts $1000, $200, and $100 as well as publication in their next issue.

All right, so there is a catch.  Well, not exactly a catch, but it is something that can create a challenge for a student’s budget: the dreaded entry fee.

I can state that as a student and a writer, when I see that there is an associated cost to entering a contest, I feel disinclined to go through the process of entering, because I am pretty sure that my monthly budget will not allow for it!

After all, the standard entry fee typically falls between $15-30…and sometimes per entry.

Still, not all entry fees are that high.  This is one aspect of the Sixfold’s contest that should make  it quite appealing to student and non-student poets and writers.  The entry fee is only $3.  

Image linked from Experian.com article by Michael Delgado: 24 Personal Finance Writers Share Their Favorite Money-Saving Apps

Some might think that $3 is still pushing it.  However, here are some questions I ask myself whenever I am faced with the dilemma of having pay money to enter a contest:

  1. Can I do without that cup of tea or coffee from [insert coffeehouse name]?
  2. Can I walk somewhere instead of taking public transportation?
  3. OR can I use my bicycle instead of driving, so I can save money on gas?
  4. Do I really need to spend money on [insert miscellaneous entertainment activity or item]?
  5. Is the award money significantly higher than the entry fee?
  6. Is it time to do that garage/yard sale that I’ve been meaning to do?

Okay, the list could go on and on.  My point is that if an entry fee is quite low, then there really isn’t a reason that you should not or cannot enter.

Still not convinced that there is money you can save somewhere?  Then, check out this article on Experian.com by Michael Delgado:  “24 Personal Finance Writers Share Their Favorite Money-Saving Apps”.


Plus, Sixfold offers an interesting spin on how the winners are chosen: you get to vote.

That’s right.  Entrants of the contest are also the judges of the contest! This is a truly peer-based contest.

So, no excuses! Forget the coffee for one day and enter the contest!


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