Article | Poets & Writers: “Applying to a Writers Residency…”

Article | Poets & Writers: “Applying to a Writers Residency…”

On Friday, we began posting about writers residencies: what they are and how to find them.

We start off this week by sharing with you the above article, “Applying to a Writers Residency: An Expert Breakdown of the Requirements”, by Grant Faulkner of Poets & Writers.  The article takes an in-depth look at what a writers residency is, the process of applying to one, and also how applications are reviewed and approved.

Faulkner takes the reader through a four-level process of applying, examining the expectations for:  an applicant’s work plan, résumé,  letters of recommendation, and manuscript.  In each of these sections, Faulkner shares both applicant and jurist experiences that allow a greater understanding of what goes into the process of being selected.

At the end of the day, however, the key thing is to keep yourself encouraged.  Verily enough, rejection may be likely for the more prestigious and well-known residencies.  However, that does not mean that acceptance isn’t right around the corner, i.e., if you apply to others!

So, keep writing and keep applying!



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