Alliance of Artists Communities: A Site You Should Know! (Part I)


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This year our Summer Institute welcomed author Tyler Dilts as its 2014 Writer in Residence.  As a writer in residence, Professor Dilts will spend the next five weeks pursuing his writing, and sharing his work and experience with both students and visitors alike.  Needless to say, the Institute is proud to have such an accomplished writer in our midst and to offer students the chance to learn from and work with him.

Over the years, we have had many other famous poets and novelists participate in the Summer Institute as writers in residence: Jhumpa Lahiri, Billy Collins, Joyce Carol Oates, Dorothy Allison, Marilyn Hacker, Simon Mawer and Mark Strand. (You may read more about them under the “The Institute” tab above.)

However, did you know that YOU can also be a writer in residence?

 Yes, indeed, there are a multitude of writing residences available to writers of all levels, from the aspiring student to the accomplished professional.  You simply need to know where to look and how to begin; this is where this series of posts will come in handy and will set you on the write path.

The place to begin:  Alliance of Artists Communities.

Upon initial reading, you might think that the Alliance is for visual artists.  This is where you would be wrong.  Instead, the Alliance focuses on supporting all artistic fields or the Arts:  visual artists, writers, dancers, musicians, filmmakers, performance artists, etc.

How does it support? By offering information on jobs, events, news, various services, and even a library.  Most importantly, however, is its database of artists communities (including writing residences). 

The database provides a detailed search for communities/residences worldwide.  Users may search across multiple disciplines and specify resources that may be required, such as online applications, accessibility,  as well as family accommodation.

Beyond providing information on where to apply, the Alliance provides tips and tools to help users in getting started in their application process.

So, why not visit the Alliance of Artists Communities’ website and see how you can participate in a writer’s residency program?


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