Do You Have Writer’s Block? Author Charlie Jane Anders Has The Solution

Do You Have Writer’s Block? Author Charlie Jane Anders Has The Solution

Is there anyone who hasn’t felt the dread of facing a blank paper or computer screen?  When the thought of having to write produces a feeling akin to nausea and utter despair?  Sometimes the problem is that the ideas refuse to come.  Sometimes there are just too many ideas.  Perhaps it is simply an issue of having little interest in the subject matter, but still there is the expectation that one must write–especially true for students. 😉

In the linked article, author Charlie Jane Anders has taken the time to identify the ten main types of writer’s block.  Not only has she identified them, but she has also given measures to counter them.  Although the language of the article is geared towards fiction writers, the identified blocks are certainly applicable to anyone who has had trouble writing.  

Interested in learning more?  Simply visit the link above.


Anders’ 10 Types of Writer’s Block:

  1.  You can’t come up with an idea.
  2.  You have a ton of ideas but can’t commit to any of them, and they all peter out.
  3. You have an outline but you can’t get through this one part of it.
  4. You’re stuck in the middle and have no idea what happens next.
  5. You have a terrible feeling your story took a wrong turn a hundred pages back, and you only just hit a dead end.
  6. You’re bored with all these characters, they won’t do anything.
  7. You keep imagining all the reasons people are going to say your story sucks, and it paralyzes you.
  8. You can’t think of the right words for what you’re trying to convey in this one paragraph.
  9. You had this incredibly cool story in your head, and now you’re turning it into words on a screen and it’s suddenly dumb.
  10. You’re revising your work, and you can’t see your way past all those blocks of text you already wrote.

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