Article | Writers Digest: HOW TO BECOME A TRAVEL WRITER

Article | Writers Digest: HOW TO BECOME A TRAVEL WRITER

Travel has remained an integral part of the JCU experience, whether that travel is to the University itself from your home country, or participating in one of its many student trips to see various parts of Italy, or even simply organizing your own weekend trip to neighbouring (or not so neighbouring) countries. For our students, travelling becomes a part of  academic and personal growth.

To facilitate that process, the University offers a variety of courses that incorporate this unique feature, including ones specifically for students interested in or who are already engaged in creative writing.

So, if you are thinking about writing you travel story, then take a look at the article link above by Brian Klem, The Writer’s Dig.  After that, visit the Institute for Creative Writing and Literary Translation‘s page on the JCU website for information on our upcoming summer sessions.


“Nearly everyone loves to travel, and many of us wrote a really great story in Junior High, so often people feel it would be easy  to become a travel writer.  But to me, it is like entering the ring in Madrid’s Plaza de Toros de Las Ventas to face a raging bull, waving, instead of a cape, Hemingway’s “truest sentence you know”.

All good travel writing moves the reader twice: it transports him to a place, and moves him emotionally.” (Extract from article).


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