The Top 10: Creative Writing Sites You Should Know!

Author Elizabeth Geoghegan, Adjunct Assistant Professor of English. Photography by Rick Giudotti.

We tasked Elizabeth Geoghegan, adjunct assistant professor and author of the bestselling e-book The Marco Chronicles: To Rome, without love, with the following question:

Which creative writing websites would be in your “top 10 list”?

Her response?

Well, she was a bit noncommittal in identifying any site as being specifically in her top ten, but gladly shared with us the following list of sixteen sites that she would recommend to creative writing students:

Elizabeth Geoghegan is a graduate of The School of the Art Institute in Chicago, where she earned an MFA in Writing.  She is a recipient of the Ruth Murray Underhill Award for her thesis The Sound of Skin, and her writing has appeared in various publications.

Beyond writing, Professor Geoghegan was the producer of the award-winning short film Benedizione delle Bestie.   She is also a freelance stylist, who has worked with Christian Dior, Vanity Fair, and The Smashing Pumpkins.

Currently, she is completing a short story collection titled The Book of Boys and a novel called The Year of the Cock.


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